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Can a Daughter Help Parents by Buying Home?

I am one of three daughters who will inherit our home when our parents pass away. They have a mortgage on the home and some credit card debt. Would it be wise for us to purchase their home before their death, so their mortgage debt is paid off?

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Avoid This if You’re in a Blended Family

A second marriage can be a balm for the heartache of losing a spouse, be it through death or divorce. Nevertheless, if there are children or other heirs involved, you should consider carefully what will happen with your money and possessions when you pass on.

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Families Can Now Appeal VA Benefits Decision

Veterans Affairs officials are overhauling their application process for caregiver benefits, while simultaneously fighting a court ruling that would force them to allow a legal review for individuals rejected for the program.

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How to: Advocate for Elderly Parents

As family caregivers, we play many roles: scheduler, money manager, house cleaner, health aide, nurse, navigator, nurturer and more. Perhaps the most important role, though, is advocate, as we ensure the best life possible for our loved ones when they are vulnerable.

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5 Signs Mom or Dad Need Caregiving Help

When you are visiting family members, you have an opportunity to evaluate how they’re doing in terms of health, safety and quality of life. Any of these five red flags may indicate that your loved one needs more support.

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