Allowable Medicaid Spend Down Items in Iowa

Securing the well-being of clients throughout life is at the core of our mission at Huizenga Law Firm, P.C., and that includes managing the challenges that come along with the aging process.  While Medicaid can provide valuable assistance in paying for long-term care, you must have very few “countable” assets in order to qualify for this assistance. Those who want to apply for Medicaid often need to go through a “spend down” process before they can establish eligibility. 

In this guide, we aim to demystify the intricacies surrounding allowable Medicaid spend down items. By shedding light on this vital aspect of long-term care planning, we hope to empower seniors and their families to navigate the Medicaid journey with confidence, ensuring they access the essential benefits they deserve.

Understanding Medicaid Spend Down in Iowa

Spend down is a critical process for seniors with assets exceeding the Medicaid eligibility thresholds. At Huizenga Law, we use a number of different strategies to reduce countable assets while still retaining maximum value for seniors and their families. Many people believe that they need to spend down their assets by exhausting their resources paying for long-term care and other medical needs, but there are other ways to achieve the goal that provide more benefits for loved ones. 

Developing a Spend Down Strategy that Preserves Maximum Value

Iowa Medicaid rules will allow individuals to divest some of their assets in ways that won’t interfere with Medicaid eligibility while still preserving resources that can be passed on to loved ones. Often, we help individuals establish Medicaid eligibility by developing spending and gifting strategies that transfer resources and put applicants below the threshold while still conserving value. 

For instance, a plan might include prepaying for funeral expenses. Assets would need to be used to pay those expenses at some point anyway, so paying for them in advance allows you to establish Medicaid eligibility faster with no net loss of assets. Another strategy would be to invest in certain qualifying repairs or improvements to the home. 

Making gifts to loved ones will also enable you to spend down assets without wasting resources. 

However, it is important that your spend down strategy complies with state and federal rules. Mistakes can delay eligibility or lead to other unwanted consequences, such as incurring gift tax liability. Working with an attorney to develop a spend down plan enables you to embark on your strategies with confidence. To prove that your spend down complies with requirements, you need to keep detailed records, and your attorney can assist in the process. 

Overcoming Common Challenges in the Spend Down Process

While a strategic spend down is highly beneficial, it is not as easy as many people expect. Your attorney can help you overcome hurdles and avoid pitfalls.

  • Timing Considerations: Seniors should plan strategically. This may require initiating the spend down process well in advance of the anticipated need for Medicaid assistance. Iowa Medicaid will look back at some transactions over the previous five years and treat them as if they had not occurred, which can delay Medicaid eligibility. But you may also need to wait until nursing home admission to implement your spenddown strategy because of the snapshot date under Iowa Medicaid. The difference could delay your eligibility.
  • Documentation Accuracy: Iowa’s Medicaid system places a premium on accurate and comprehensive documentation. Seniors are advised to delve into the specific requirements concerning the type and format of documentation accepted during the application process. From medical bills to receipts for home modifications, understanding the nuances of what constitutes acceptable documentation streamlines the application process and reduces the likelihood of delays.
  • Professional Assistance: Seeking assistance from attorneys who understand Iowa’s Medicaid regulations is key. An elder law attorney can provide tailored advice, ensuring families make informed decisions throughout the spend down process. In addition to providing guidance, your attorney can act as an advocate, ensuring that seniors receive the maximum benefits aligned with their unique circumstances. Whether clarifying doubts about allowable spend down items or navigating intricate documentation, the experience of these professionals is an invaluable asset.
  • Navigational Tips for Application Success: Beyond mere comprehension of guidelines, seniors benefit from practical tips a professional can provide about  navigating Iowa’s Medicaid system. This includes insights into the online application portal, ensuring that seniors can confidently utilize this resource for a streamlined and efficient application process. Awareness of potential pitfalls or common challenges specific to Iowa’s Medicaid system equips families with the foresight needed to navigate the journey with confidence.

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