Northwest Iowa Estate Planning

Your Goals. Your Plan.

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Our approach

At Huizenga Law, we are redefining estate planning.  Our boutique law firm tailors your plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

We make sure you stay in control so that you can give what you want, to who you want, and when you want.

Our estate plans can avoid probate and we don’t charge by the hour.  Our fixed prices for all our estate plans mean we won’t change your fee no matter how complicated your plan is.  Planning with us will save you money and give you peace of mind with your finances.

For every person

A common misconception when it comes to estate planning is that it is only for the ultra-rich.  But that isn’t true.  Here at Huizenga Law, we serve every type of client, no matter their age, health, or family situation.

“But what if I…”

-Have Minor Children?  Your kids can’t step into the roles we often ask them to fill.  But that isn’t your goal anyway.  Your goal is to make sure your kids are taken care of in case something happens to you.  We help you appoint a guardian to achieve that goal.

-Have Adult Children?  Having adult children you trust makes achieving your goals of protecting assets from long-term care or ensuring an inheritance for your loved ones that much easier.  We can help you draft documents to make those dreams a reality.

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-Have no Children?  Because children are often asked to fill various estate planning roles, you may think your options are limited.  But anyone you trust can fill those roles, whether they’re siblings, friends, parents, nieces or nephews, or cousins.

-Have a Child with Special Needs?  As a parent, you’ve put time, energy, and love into raising and caring for your child.  Your plan should reflect that by taking care of your child if you no longer can. 

-Am Single?  You’ve made all the money, taken care of the kids if you have them, made the meals, and cleaned the house.  You’ve always been in charge and making an estate plan should be no different.  You have goals.  Let the plan you create reflect those goals by being prepared for the unknown ahead of time.  Here at Huizenga Law, we don’t create a single document unless you tell us to.

-Am Apart of a Traditional Family?  You have a spouse and kids to think about.  How do you protect them if something should happen to you?  Our plans can help you take care of your family in case you can’t.

-Am part of a Blended Family?  Your first spouse left you an inheritance and they intended it for the family you created together, not your new family.  But your new family also must get along.  The staff at Huizenga Law can help keep that inheritance on your side of the family while also counselling your new family to work together so your goals are met.

-Just Started a New Family?  Once you’ve had your first kid, creating a plan to take care of them is crucial in case you pass away unexpectedly.  At Huizenga Law, our first step is to help you set up a guardianship to do just that.

-Am a Veteran?  First, thank you for your service.  Second, you have many benefits to help take care of you at your fingertips.  Let us help you utilize those benefits so that you receive that care.

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In Every Situation

We don’t only see clients from various walks of life. We also see clients in different financial or health situations with different goals. No matter the situation, we know how to protect your wealth.

Let’s say you own:

-A Small Business: We help you protect your business from creditors and create a plan to pass the business down to the next generation should something happen to you.

-A Farm: Here in Northwest Iowa, we have a lot of farmers. If you are a farmer, it’s likely you received your land as an inheritance from your parents or grandparents, and you want to pass it down to your kids one day. We help you create a plan to ensure your loved ones will get the land after you pass away.

-Expensive Assets: We can help you make sure your assets are preserved and protected so that you can pass them down to your loved ones.

-A Relatively Small Estate: We help you plan ahead by giving you a plan to pay for long-term care in the future while still preserving assets in case you need them.