Medicaid Crisis Planning Lawyer

Despite what people may tell you, it’s never too late to find strategies to protect your assets while establishing Medicaid eligibility. You won’t have as many options available as you would if you’d had the opportunity to plan ahead, but all hope is not lost.

At Huizenga Law, we will help you find the best way forward. We watched our own family members struggle with medical crises they were not prepared to meet, and that is why we are now so dedicated to helping others find solutions. You don’t have to lose all of your life savings to pay for long-term care.

Help for Yourself, Your Spouse, and Your Family

Sometimes, an accident or illness strikes without warning, and you suddenly find yourself needing help caring for your spouse, your parents, or your own essentials. Other times, you can see needs arising, but you want to maintain your current lifestyle for as long as possible. In either situation, the process of finding the right care can be overwhelming. Figuring out how to pay for that care is another hurdle that’s tough to surmount.

Huizenga Law has the resources to help. We understand all the rules that come into play with nursing homes and Medicaid. That enables us to get access to necessary care while finding the best ways to protect the family savings. If you have applied for Title 19 and been denied, we can help you take the right steps to address the problem and get you on the track toward eligibility.

Our Three-Step Process

Take a deep breath and realize that you don’t have to get through this on your own. Here are the steps we take with you to find your best way forward.

  • Step one: Vision Meeting
    We start with a Vision Meeting where we review all the pertinent financial information, identity concerns, answer questions, and review the options available to you.
  • Step two: Designing Solutions
    Once we have a full picture of the situation, we can develop a plan of action. We identify assets or income sources that impact eligibility, and find the best strategies to remove impediments while serving your long-term goals. We review every detail with you, making adjustments as needed until the plan meets with your full approval.
  • Step three: Moving Ahead
    After elements of your plan have been improved, we work to put your plan into action. If your plan involves a spending strategy, we provide detailed instructions and stand ready to answer your questions. If we are creating a trust, we will develop terms tailored to your needs and ensure that you understand the operation and all ramifications. We can even help prepare and submit your Medicaid application. Whatever it takes, we are ready to help.

Don’t let a nursing home pressure you into assuming responsibility for a family member’s care needs. We can get you the benefits that should be available.

Get the Help You Need with Medicaid

At Huizenga Law, we establish Medicaid eligibility by following the rules rather than looking for loopholes. We develop plans that work.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet the costs of long-term care for yourself or a loved one.