Nursing Home Payments Lawyer in Iowa

While the average cost of nursing home care in Iowa is below the national average, it’s still well over $6,500 a month. To be able to meet these costs for yourself or an elderly loved one, you want to start planning now.

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Nursing Home Payments Made Simple

There are many ways to pay for nursing home care in Iowa. Some options include:

  • Medicare. Medicare covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing care after at least three days of hospitalization. “Skilled care” means intensive, 24-hour care and supervision by skilled providers like registered nurses and rehabilitation specialists. After day 20, the patient must make a daily co-payment, but some Medicare Supplemental policies may cover that amount.
  • Medicaid. To be eligible for Iowa Medicaid in 2023, you or your loved one must have a maximum annual household income of $19,392 (one-person household) or $26,228 (two-person household) before taxes. Some individuals must also meet an asset limit test to qualify.
  • Long-term care insurance. When you buy a long-term care policy, the insurance company will cover all or some of your nursing home costs. That allows you to use your income and assets for other purposes, such as leaving an inheritance or preserving resources for a spouse or other dependents.
  • Private pay. If no other payment options are available, nursing home residents can pay for their care out of pocket until they qualify for Medicaid.

These are just some of the possibilities to consider. Other financial assistance options include Aid and Attendance VA benefits, reverse mortgages, and more.

An experienced nursing home payments lawyer in Iowa can walk you through all available options and help you develop a financial strategy to ensure you’ll have the care you need while minimizing the financial burden on your family and estate.

Paying for Nursing Home Care Needn’t Cause Financial Stress

At Huizenga Law, we know that nursing home care costs can be exorbitant. That’s why we work with seniors and their families to create financial plans that keep these costs as minimal as possible.

Our skilled attorneys will consider all aspects of your financial situation through the lens of our in-depth knowledge of both state and federal regulations — including probate and estate planning laws, IRS tax codes, and so forth. We’ll look at your total income and assets, marital status, children and other dependents, eligibility for VA benefits, and many other factors to create your custom nursing home payments plan.

Start Planning for the Costs of Iowa Nursing Home Care Today

The sooner you start thinking about nursing home costs, the more you can do to minimize the financial burden. Call Huizenga Law at (712) 737-3885 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with a nursing home payments lawyer in Iowa.