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Why An 18-Year Old Needs a Power of Attorney

The law says that your kids magically become adults the day they turn 18. Regardless of their ability to wash a load of laundry or prepare a meal for themselves, our society has decided that their 18th birthday is your kids’ moment of emancipation from the totalitarian regime that is – according to your kid, anyway – your parenting. They’re not done with high school yet, but they’re certainly capable of reading and understanding a residential lease or property disclosure statement. Right? [Read More]

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Estate Planning for College Graduates

Now that you’ve earned your college degree, you may not feel like you have anything to “protect” through estate planning. After all, the stereotype of the “starving college student” got started for a reason! But, even if you leave college with a load of student loans and an entry-level job (or hopes of one), you will do yourself a favor by spending just a little time doing some basic estate planning here in Northwest Iowa. [Read More]

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Estate Planning for Generation X

GenX-ers are no longer angst-ridden youth trying to figure out where they fit in this world. Instead, they’re adults with real jobs, real retirement plans, life insurance and real health problems. And they’re people who need to do their estate planning. [Read More]

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Estate Planning for Single People

Why should a single person work with a will and trust attorney in Northwest Iowa? The answer is simple: if you don’t plan, then if you have a medical emergency or pass away, the state will step in and impose its own plan on your body and your assets. [Read More]

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High Five: Where Will the Children Go?

Obviously the choice of a guardian for minor children can be an emotional one. Your children are precious, and your options are limited. But not deciding ahead of time could result in a judge—who doesn’t know you or your kids—choosing the guardian for you. [Read More]

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