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High Five: 5 Ways to Pay for the Nursing Home

Nursing home care is expensive, and it’s not going to get better any time soon. With the 2014 average cost of nursing home care reaching $169 per day in Iowa, 70% of people reaching age 65 this year can expect to pay about $123,370-$141,115 (or more!) for their end of life care. The question becomes, how do you pay for an expense that huge? [Read More]

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Estate Planning for Generation X

GenX-ers are no longer angst-ridden youth trying to figure out where they fit in this world. Instead, they’re adults with real jobs, real retirement plans, life insurance and real health problems. And they’re people who need to do their estate planning. [Read More]

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Estate Planning for Single People

Why should a single person work with a will and trust attorney in Northwest Iowa? The answer is simple: if you don’t plan, then if you have a medical emergency or pass away, the state will step in and impose its own plan on your body and your assets. [Read More]

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What Happens to Your Online Identity when You Die?

A standard estate plan deals with the real-world assets you own. Your house. Your car. Your bank accounts. Often, though, the standard estate plan doesn’t account for your digital assets. “I’m not a computer nerd,” you say. “I don’t have a digital estate.” But that’s not entirely true. [Read More]

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