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Is Napping Good for Seniors?

When you are sleepy, a nap seems like a wise idea. However, that midday shut-eye might indicate you are at higher risk of hypertension and stroke, according to new research.

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How Much Sleep Do Seniors Need?

Seniors often don’t get enough sleep. Learn how much sleep seniors need, the reasons you might not be sleeping enough and some ways to help get a full night’s sleep.

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Is Slow Walking a Sign of Dementia?

A slower walk as you age has always been a warning sign of increasing frailty that could lead to falls and other disabilities, experts say. Emerging research in small groups of elderly subjects has also found that a slower gait from year to year may be an early sign of cognitive decline.

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What are Early Signs of Parkinson’s?

Some signs of Parkinson’s disease are ones most of us recognize, such as tremor and trouble walking. However, very early signs of the disease, which can appear a decade or more before the disease presents in more obvious physical forms, are often mistaken for something else. They can also be mistaken for regular signs of aging.

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