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101 Death Hacks [Part Five]

Welcome to our fifth and final part of our 101 Death Hacks. Keeping it Current Update your fiduciaries’ contact information every time their information changes

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101 Death Hacks [Part Three]

Up to this point in the 101 Death Hacks series, we’ve mainly focused on the philosophy behind your estate plan. Starting today, we’re going to get much more practical about making an estate plan by focusing on ways to communicate your wishes and how to do that efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn about what to write down in your will and trust to make them more effective and how your estate planning can help manage the emotional transition caused by your death. [Read More]

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The Shocking Truth About Iowa Estate Recovery

Many people believe that they’ve protected their house/retirement/savings by adding a child to the title or creating a life estate. If you’re planning ahead for the cost of your long-term care, the nursing home’s not the one you need to worry about. It’s not Medicaid, either. Not really. The monster in the closet, the creature under the bed is the state Estate Recovery Program. For many people – including most lawyers – Estate Recovery is something straight out of their financial nightmares. [Read More]

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