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When Might I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

According to the WHO, one in six people over the age of 60 experienced some form of abuse from 2021 to 2022. Two-thirds of staff members at nursing homes and long-term-care facilities admitted they committed abuse during that same period.

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What’s First Step in Preventing Elder Abuse?

The prevalence of elder abuse is hard to estimate because it is underreported. However, according to the National Council on Aging, approximately one in 10 Americans age 60 or older have experienced some form of elder abuse— be it physical, emotional, psychological or financial.

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Can I Be Scammed in a Home Improvement Project?

Predators robbing seniors of their savings has been called “the fastest growing crime in the country.” Older adults are prime targets for financial exploitation, both by people they know and trust and by strangers. Financial exploitation is believed to cost older adults over $36 billion annually.

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How Do I Know If Dad Needs Care?

Relationships can be complicated under the best of circumstances. However, when you see someone you love — like an aging parent, grandparent or close friend — struggle to take care of their health, stepping in isn’t always so simple.

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