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Estate Planning and Divorce in Northwest Iowa

A divorce—also called a dissolution of marriage—can take a fairly long time (months or even years) to complete. And when a divorce is imminent, meeting with an estate planning attorney in Northwest Iowa is likely not at the top of anyone’s list of things to do. But, it very well should be. [Read More]

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Estate Planning for Single Parents

Single parents tend to work hard for their children. Every day it falls to the single parent to provide just about everything for his or her children, and with 13 million single parent households in the US, there are a whole lot of folks doing their best to provide everything their children need today. So it’s no wonder that those in Northwest Iowa want to protect the children they would leave behind should they be killed or become incapacitated. [Read More]

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FAQ: How Do You Treat Children Fairly in Estate Planning?

Wills and trusts lawyers in Northwest Iowa see just about every circumstance that can result from a parent’s death. Some siblings handle the will or trust administration gracefully and with dignity while others turn to squabbling and pettiness. When we work with our clients, they are often very concerned about how to treat their children equally when setting up their wills and trusts. [Read More]

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Estate Planning for Generation X

GenX-ers are no longer angst-ridden youth trying to figure out where they fit in this world. Instead, they’re adults with real jobs, real retirement plans, life insurance and real health problems. And they’re people who need to do their estate planning. [Read More]

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Sharing Information with Your Family

Every family has its own approach when it comes to talking about financial and legal information. However, families who are at the estate planning phase should be having at least some superficial conversations about these topics, as there is significant information which needs to be shared just to make the estate plan work smoothly. [Read More]

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High Five: Where Will the Children Go?

Obviously the choice of a guardian for minor children can be an emotional one. Your children are precious, and your options are limited. But not deciding ahead of time could result in a judge—who doesn’t know you or your kids—choosing the guardian for you. [Read More]

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