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A resource is one of the three important elements in determining Medicaid eligibility.

The third test in the Medicaid application process considers whether the applicant has too many resources. But what is a resource?[Read More]

The Medicaid application process involves three tests. First, the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) wants to make sure a Medicaid applicant is medically needy – that they actually need to be in a nursing home.

Second, DHS will evaluate whether the applicant has too much income.

Third, DHS will consider the applicant’s resources.

A resource is any property owned by the applicant that has to be evaluated in order to determine whether that person is eligible for Medicaid. Resources come in three main categories:

  1. Countable resources;
  2. Non-countable resources; and
  3. Unavailable resources.

The classification of a resource as countable, non-countable, or unavailable can be the difference between being eligible for Medicaid and paying a $6,000 monthly nursing home bill out of your savings.

Learn more about the different types of resources by following the links above then contact us at (712) 737-3885 to enlist an expert to help you sort out your nursing home bill.

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