[Video Transcript]

Hello, thank you for joining us.  Allow me to introduce our speaker.

This is Ethan.  He’s a husband, father, Christian, tech geek, Beetles fan, and a lawyer.

But don’t hold it against him.

His job at the Huizenga Law Firm is to help you preserve and protect your personal and financial legacies.  Today, he’s going to tell you about long-term care planning.

As we grow older, our healthcare needs change, as do our financial needs.  You now need to: 1)plan for retirement, 2)account for a future nursing home stay, and 3)provide for a spouse or parent.

The experts at the Huizenga Law Firm have two goals.

One, make sure you have a plan in place to meet your changing needs.

Two, make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.

Our long-term care planning can help you find peace of mind with your finances.  Through our Painless Planning Process, you can design a plan that secures a financial legacy for your spouse and children.

Planning with wisdom.

Practicing stewardship.

Pursuing peace.

The Huizenga Law Firm: your planning is our passion.

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