“An assisted living community is housing for seniors that provides long-term senior care, including daily support around personal care services, like meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation,” explained  Sue Johansen, executive vice president of the community network A Place for Mom, a senior referral service based in Seattle in an interview with WTOP News’ in an article entitled “Types of Rooms in Assisted Living Communities.”

These communities also offer a wide range of activities to help seniors live vibrant and enjoyable lives. If you (or a loved one) are looking to move into an assisted living community, there are a number of factors to consider in choosing the right one. One of these is deciding on the type of room you will move into. Let’s look at the most common types of rooms in assisted living:

Private apartments. In many assisted living facilities throughout the country “residents live in their own units, which may include a living quarter, private bathroom and sometimes a small cooking or food storage area,” says Dr. Susan D. Leonard, a geriatric medicine specialist at the UCLA Medical Center. These can have many different setups or layouts and can be furnished or unfurnished. Private apartments typically cater to “seniors who want and are able to live independently, but may require some assistance,” Johansen says. They may be studios or one-bedroom assisted living apartments. Two-bedroom assisted living apartments are also a common option.

Condos. Some communities now offer high-end options, which can be very comfortable and feel more like a luxury condominium than a bare-bones apartment. These let residents have a bit more privacy when it comes to receiving care, which can be delivered on a schedule the resident prefers by a consistent staff.

Private rooms. Some communities offer assisted living rooms rather than entire apartments. In these communities, seniors may have a private bedroom, which may or may not include a private bathroom. “The option of a private room caters to the senior for whom privacy is important,” Johansen says. Any other living spaces, like a sitting room or kitchen, would be shared with other residents.

Shared rooms. This has two or more seniors in a single bedroom in a dorm-style setting. This option is the most affordable living space. A shared room “can also provide more of a social aspect or even a companion to the senior,” notes Johansen.

Memory care rooms. These are designed to support seniors who have dementia and may contain certain kinds of equipment.

Johansen remarked that the style and quality of the options available “can depend significantly on the community. It’s important for a senior who is making the transition from living on his or her own to living in an assisted living community to make sure to find the optimal living option that meets his or her needs.”

Reference: WTOP News (April 3, 2022) “Types of Rooms in Assisted Living Communities”

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