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Ever wondered what makes a truly impactful gift? Well, investment properties often stand out over cash. Why? Because most people are likely to hold onto properties rather than splurging with cash. If you’re thinking about gifting a property that’s set to increase in value, it’s like hitting the jackpot! Especially if your loved ones are in a lower tax bracket. But, here’s a pro tip: steer clear of gifting properties that have lost value while you’ve owned them. If you do, your loved ones will inherit your tax basis, and both of you could miss out on some tax benefits. Instead, think about keeping or selling these properties to make the most of the proceeds post-tax.


Iowa Estate Tax Planning

Want a winning move? When stocks or mutual funds are down, gift more shares. When the market bounces back, the recipient will have a treasure trove without eating into your lifetime exemption. By gifting assets with a bright future, you’re not only securing your family’s wealth but also shrinking your tax bill. It’s a two-in-one deal, ensuring both you and your family reap the rewards.


Early Planning

Here’s something that doesn’t get enough spotlight: starting early. At the beginning of the year, set aside the amount you plan to gift. By being ahead of the game, you can make the most of market ups and downs, increasing the tax-free value of your gifts.


Retaining Significantly Appreciated Assets

Sometimes, the best thing to do with assets that have skyrocketed in value is… nothing. Just hold onto them. When passed down, your loved ones get a fresh tax slate, allowing them to sell right away without worrying about capital gains taxes. However, keep a pulse on the market and make informed decisions to dodge potential pitfalls.


Considering Income Tax Brackets

If you’re in a higher tax bracket than the folks you’re gifting to, think about transferring assets that generate income. It’s a double win: you cut down on income taxes and boost your family’s wealth post-tax. And here’s a bonus: gifting is a great way to gauge how the younger ones handle their finances. Think of it as a real-world lesson, preparing them for a financially sound future.


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