Nursing Home Workers vs Medicaid Experts

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At an average of $180 per day in Iowa, paying $60,000 per year for a nursing home is not only likely, but it's almost guaranteed. Staring that number in the face can make your stress level rise pretty quickly. So, you ask the nursing home social worker for information about applying for Medicaid. Unfortunately, nursing homes are being put in a position where they simply can’t talk to their patients about Medicaid eligibility planning. As a result, there are a few things the nursing home social worker may not tell you. [Read More]

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Hello, thank you for joining us.  Allow me to introduce the man in charge.  This is Ethan.  He’s a husband, father, Christian, tech geek, Beetles fan, and a lawyer.  But don’t hold it against him.  His job at the Huizenga Law Firm is to help you preserve and protect your personal and financial legacies.  Today, he’s going to tell you about the difference between Nursing home workers and Medicaid experts.

Nursing Home Workers

Nursing home employees are compassionate and caring.  They do a job I don’t think I could ever do myself and we need them to help preserve the dignity of our aging population.  They’re experts at providing physical care for people who cannot care for themselves.

But they’re not experts at planning for the financial transition and even burden that goes with that goes with living in a long-term care facility.  They aren’t Medicaid planners.

In fact, they would probably prefer it if you didn’t plan for Medicaid since Medicaid reduces the rate they can charge for their incredibly important services.

Talk with a Medicaid expert before you talk to the nursing home admissions or social worker.  You can go into the entrance interview armed with knowledge they won’t be able to give you as you make decisions about where, how and when mom should receive her care.

We want to help, but this isn’t legal advice and you can’t become a client just by watching this video.  Instead, go to or 712-737-3885 to learn more.

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