anniversaryHow do you celebrate an anniversary? Some people go on a special date or treat their coworkers to drinks at a restaurant or bar. For major milestones, some companies give a memento or thank you gift. It’s common for married couples to take a major trip or vacation to celebrate 10, 25, even 50 years of marriage. Even high school or college graduates will come together after 10 or 20 years to celebrate the fact that they no longer go to school together.

Our society has assigned value to marking the passage of time in a particular relationship. Collectively, we recognize that the commitment it takes to maintain a relationship is a significant investment of time and energy, effort and resources. So, we honor those persons or entities who have reached a milestone – usually a multiple of 5 – in terms of years spent on a relationship, whether personal or professional.

2015 marks the fifth anniversary of the Huizenga Law Firm, and we’re planning some really great events to celebrate. We’ll be giving away a Kindle at the Orange City Chamber Business Expo, and we’re kicking off our Plan it Forward movement by providing new services and hosting or sponsoring events throughout the year. #planitforwardiowa will be an ongoing effort by our firm to use our specializations to get more involved in our community in 2015 and beyond.

On the blog, we’ll be celebrating five years of practice through a new series of posts called High Fives. Each of our High Five blog posts will give you five things you should think about when working on your estate plan. Each post will have practical applications for anyone looking to create or recreate their estate planning documents! Next week will be the first post in the series: High Five: 5 Factors to Use When Choosing Your Financial Power of Attorney.

I want to personally invite you to join us in celebrating five years in practice. Each of our clients plays an important role in the success of our practice. If you’re already a client, thank you! If you’re not yet a client, come celebrate anyway. We’d love to get to know you as we you’re your planning our passion!