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A typical approach to estate planning involves answering the question "What will happen to my assets when I die?" But a complete estate plan should do so much more than that.

Maybe you're worried about keeping control of your assets and your medical decisions if you become incapacitated. Maybe you've heard how expensive a nursing home is, and you want to protect your home and life savings from those devastating costs. Or maybe you just want to keep your family out of court after you die.

We created the simple explanations in this guide to help you accomplish all of those goals and many more. Download this ebook today and find the answers to the difficult questions around protecting yourself and your loved ones and leaving an inheritance.

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Free Nursing Home Guide

avoid overpaying for long-term care with this free guide

Download the free guide today and discover the practical information you need to save money on your nursing home bill every month

Nursing home care may be your only option right now, but it may not have to stay that way. There are a variety of care options that can be both more convenient and less expensive. 

With nursing care costing hundreds per day, it doesn’t take long to use up the entire life savings. Fortunately, there are other options available. Find out how to leverage the available private, state, and federal programs to protect your loved one’s financial legacy.

All care has a cost. At the nursing home, the primary cost is monetary and increases year over year. Learn what questions to ask the nursing home about level of care and type of room. And discover how to save money and protect your loved one’s independence.

Medicaid (also called Title 19) is often the first program people discuss with the nursing home staff. Some facilities even require you to submit an application immediately as part of the admission process. But that could cost you months of eligibility and thousands of dollars.


Ethan J. Huizenga, Attorney at Law

Hi, my name is Ethan Huizenga, and I’m an Elder Law and

Estate Planning lawyer in Orange City, Iowa.

I’ve been practicing elder law and estate planning since 2008, and I created this guide because it is my mission to educate older Iowans and their families about the options available for their long-term care.

If you’re worried about maintaining your dad’s independence during his twilight years, this book is for you. If you’ve heard a friend say, “I had to sell everything she owned to pay for Mom’s care,” this book is for you. If you’re feeling hopeless after the state denied your spouse’s Medicaid application, then this book is for you.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what the nursing home or the state will do with your life savings and what you can do to protect it.

If you want practical information about protecting what you have for the people you love most, then click the button below. 

Because this book is for you.

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