How You Can Get Help with Your Spouse's Nursing Home Bill Even if You Still Have Money in the Bank

Free book decodes nursing home Medicaid and gives you hope for your financial security

If you need help with your spouse’s nursing home bill, you need to request this free book right nowAt $7,700 per month and rising, the cost of your spouse’s nursing home care could quickly consume all of your life savings. Faced with the stress of moving your husband or wife to the nursing home and the shock of that huge monthly expense, it’s no wonder you can’t see how you could possibly afford to get them the care they need.

The government has an answer to paying this bill for people who can’t afford it: Medicaid (also known as Title 19). Nursing homes often have you submit a Medicaid application when you first move in, but that application usually gets denied. And the Medicaid system can feel like a labyrinth of indecipherable rules and cranky state employees.  

Don’t wait for the nursing home bill to consume your savings! Request a FREE copy of It’s Not Too Late: The Essential Guide to Nursing Home Medicaid for the Stressed out Husband or Wife.

If your first application for nursing home Medicaid was denied, there is still hope. You can still get Medicaid help with your spouse’s nursing home bill. 

There are a lot of myths out there about Medicaid/Title 19. We’ve busted those myths with It’s Not Too Late: The Essential Guide to Nursing Home Medicaid

In this book, you’ll discover a ton of useful information, including:

  • What services are covered by the Medicaid long-term care programs. (page 2)
  • Why the different rules in each state mean you could be eligible for help in South Dakota and not eligible in Iowa. (page 2)
  • How the Medicaid rules classify you and your spouse differently. (page 3)
  • What one test you have to pass before the state even considers your financial status. (page 4)
  • Why having less $2,000 in the bank doesn’t mean you’re automatically eligible for Medicaid. (page 5)
  • How the Medicaid definition of income and the IRS definition of income are different – and how those differences are a critical part of determining Medicaid eligibility. (page 8)
  • What income you can set aside to support yourself while your spouse is in the nursing home. (page 14)
  • Why Medicaid isn’t just for “poor” people. (Chapters 3, 5, and 8)
  • How the Medicaid rules specifically create shelters to protect your life savings from your spouse’s nursing home bill. (page 26)
  • When you can can give assets away and still be eligible for Medicaid. (page 46-48)
  • Why the state denies most Medicaid applications submitted by the nursing home and what two things you can do to increase the chances that your application will be approved. (page 54-55)
  • How the term “spenddown” is intentionally misleading. (page 61)
  • What three basic tools the Medicaid system uses to let you spend your money how you want. (page 62)
  • A foolproof process for spenddown planning that makes sure your spouse’s care is paid for without consuming your life savings. (page 69)

All this information is completely free to anyone who is preparing to file a Medicaid application OR if you have already been denied.

It’s never too late to protect what you have left and get help from Medicaid/Title 19, but the longer you wait, the more money you’ll spend on the nursing home bill. We want to get this book in your hands RIGHT NOW.

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by Ethan J. Huizenga

Ethan J. Huizenga is an elder law and estate planning lawyer licensed to practice in Iowa, South Dakota, and Missouri

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by Ethan J. Huizenga

Ethan J. Huizenga is an elder law and estate planning lawyer licensed to practice in Iowa, South Dakota, and Missouri

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