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How To Plan for Long-Term Care While Protecting Your Home and Life Savings.


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Greetings! I started the Huizenga Law Firm in 2010 to fulfill my calling: clear away the fog of confusion around planning for the end of your life. It’s my mission to help you and your family find security during the times when things seem the least secure.

Having lived out some of the challenges that come with aging loved ones, I know how important creating an estate plan can be. As a teenager, I watched my dad struggle with being 600 miles away while his dad fought – and ultimately lost – his battle with brain cancer.

I’ll never forget the story my dad still tells about Grandpa Huizenga in the days after his brain surgery. My dad had flown out to Chicago to be with Grandma Huizenga during the procedure. As they were sitting in his hospital room a couple days later, Grandpa was watching a news story about a plane crash and looked at my dad – genuinely concerned – and asked, “Were you on that plane?”

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March 25 at 5:30 P.M.

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