Educator Protection Initiative

You are an unsung hero. Through your work at school, you have a direct impact on helping today's children develop into tomorrow's leaders.

To say thanks, we created this website to help you create two important legal documents for free: general and medical powers of attorney.

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How it Works


Use the resources on this page to learn what a power of attorney is, how it works, and how to choose the right person for the job.


Identify the people you want to name to serve as your agents for both financial and medical decisions.


Click the button below to complete the form and submit your information


Receive the completed documents by email and follow the instructions for execution

What is a Power of Attorney?

General vs. Medical:
What's the Difference?

Choosing the Right Person as Agent

Frequently asked questions

All full or part-time faculty and staff members of your school are eligible for this offer. All you need to do is confirm that you work at the school during the application process to receive your documents.

We will extend this offer from August 17, 2020, through September 17, 2020.

We have worked hard to streamline the process of creating these documents for you. Our goal is to complete the drafting of your free power of attorney documents and email them to you within two business days from when we receive your information. In most cases, you will receive the documents within one business day.

If you had your power of attorney done within the past two years, you likely do not need a new one.  But if you recently got married, divorced, had a child or experienced another life-changing event, you should probably get new powers of attorney.  Besides, how often does a law firm offer a free, no-obligation service?

No catch. This is a no-obligation, totally free deal from the Huizenga Law Firm.  Our goal in extending this offer is to provide you and other faculty at the school with peace of mind for the upcoming school year.

These free versions of the power of attorney documents do not allow for multiple individuals to serve at the same time. However, if you consult with an attorney to prepare a more comprehensive power of attorney, you would have additional options such as appointing multiple people at the same time. If you would like to explore that option we encourage you to schedule a no-obligation Mutual Interview at our office to get started with our LegacyGuard Process.
If you pass away, your powers of attorney end, and your will or trust is now the controlling document.
Unfortunately, no. Estate planning involves a deeply personal set of decisions about how your family and your assets should be treated. While there are will templates you can buy online or at an office supply store, there is no substitute for personalized counsel about which options are best for your individual circumstances. If you are interested in taking that step, we encourage you to schedule a Mutual Interview with our office to get started with our LegacyGuard Process.